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Glenvar Bale Direct System

The Glenvar Bale Direct System (BDS) is a bolt-on kit that creates an interface between a combine harvester and a baler, enabling broadacre farmers to carry out the harvesting and baling processes in a single operation, without the residue coming into contact with the ground.

Broadacre farmers using BDS can:

  • Save time, fuel and labour by running the harvesting and baling operations simultaneously
  • Produce clean, uncontaminated bales as a marketable product
  • Capture 98% of all weed seeds in the bale
  • Reduce baler maintenance
Australian Farm Case Study #1
Farm of 6,500 acres in Australia, sown to wheat, canola, oats and barley. The total crop production of around...
Australian Farm Case Study #2
Farm of 14,000 acres sown primarily to wheat, harvested using a Claas combine and a Massey Ferguson baler...
USA Farm Case Study #3
Wheat farm of 1,000 acres in Washington State used bale direct for the first time with a Case combine and Hesston baler...